When to NOT accept "NO" for an answer

Educating children is a process that begins at birth. As parents model, reinforce, and encourage their children, they are establishing a foundation for all future learning. As children begin school, teachers take over that role of instructor and that transition sets the stage for a partnership that will follow children until they accept their high school diploma. ​ In any partnership, both sides must both give and receive a level of respect that acknowledges the expertise that each participant brings to the table. Parents tend come into school buildings with a reverence built from being former students; yet, school personnel tends to receive those parents as if they have continued to be thei

To Meet A Goal, Sometimes It's Best To Begin At The End

As any good coach would tell you, knowing the desired outcome guides the game plan. This approach can be very helpful for parents and teachers as well when helping children to learn. By starting with the goal in mind, the plan for learning can be charted by working backwards. Each step forward is assured because the plan was designed with the goal in mind from the very beginning. Applying backwards design involves the following steps: Identify the desired goal Establish the data necessary to achieve the goal Plan the activities that will guide instruction Determine the measurement process Execute the plan Whether the plan ensures a “win” for the team on the first try or it requires a new

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