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Bridge Educational Advocacy has been founded to support students and their families in the action of working with school districts to ensure appropriate services are delivered.  Advocacy is the action of “support” that will make the difference when pursuing services for your children.


Parenting is the ultimate experience.  As mothers and fathers, their children are the very essence of what a family embodies; they want to trust their school district, but schools don’t know children in the same way that a parent can.  As an experienced public school administrator, university professor, teacher and parent of three beautiful daughters, the youngest with a disability, Pepi M. Silverman, Founder and Director of Bridge Educational Advocacy has the unique and comprehensive experience to work with educational systems throughout Illinois. By utilizing sound educational practices, data analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of service delivery, Bridge Educational Advocacy has the abilities to facilitate positive outcomes for the students we represent. 

Pepi M. Silverman
Founder and Director, M.Ed., Ph.D. (ABD)

I founded Bridge Educational Advocacy because I have seen too many families struggle to get their children the services necessary for them to be successful. As parents, when we see our children challenged at school, we should not be met with resistance, jargon, and barricades. Breaking down those barriers should not be a parent's responsibility, but school districts can be difficult systems to navigate. Having worked in public schools for the last 23 years, I understand the system, I know the language, and I can help to facilitate the conversations necessary to achieve positive outcomes for students.  

I have dedicated my life to supporting the rights of ALL children. I have sat on all sides of the conference table. I understand all of the roles and each participant’s responsibilities and I bring that understanding to my work as an advocate.  Bridge Educational Advocacy is my oppportunity to extend myself and my knowledge and experience to support families needing assistance.  It is with an earnest desire to make a difference that I offer my service.

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