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Bridge Educational Advocacy understands the needs of students and their families.  Parents are experts on the needs of their children, but that does not always mean that school systems listen effectively to what parents have shared with them.  Bridge Educational Advocacy has designed its services to correspond with the needs of our clients in order to provide a range of services on behalf of the students that we serve.

Services include:

  • Expert document anaylsis

  • Thorough educational records review

  • Advanced abilities in instructional observations across educational settings

  • Experienced in school system service delivery, instructional practices, and diagnostic identification practices

  • Adept in educational program planning

  • Proficient in reviewing educational services, student medical issues, and progress monitoring

  • Accomplished in consultation with private service professionals

  • Knowledgeable in school practices, meeting procedures, and parental rights

  • Skilled in crisis prevention and school-based interventions

  • Effective with placement and therapeutic referrals  

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