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  • Pepi M. Silverman

Trust Your Instincts

Parents have an instinctual advantage on the needs of their children. While physicians, teachers, and therapists can all provide valuable insights, if you don’t feel like you’re being heard, or your child’s needs are being met, it’s very reasonable to seek out additional resources on behalf of your child.

When your children are struggling in school, there are simple home supports that can make a meaningful difference:

  • Teach kids that their “job” at school is to learn

  • Distinguish studying from learning

  • Prioritize student study time

  • Provide an optimized learning space for homework

  • Emphasize comprehension as an essential outcome of proficient reading

  • Encourage kids to go “above and beyond”

  • Make learning a four-season activity

  • Set a good example

Feel empowered, as the experts regarding your children’s needs, to speak up when it is important to advocate on your children’s behalf. While the professionals may be experts in their fields, you are the most knowledgeable about what your children may need to be successful.

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