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  • Pepi M. Silverman

Communication is The "Key" to Productive Parent/Teacher Partnerships

Everyone leads busy lives, so how can parents and teachers stay in touch with each other? Communicating with your children's teachers goes well beyond parent/teacher conferences, consider these other communicative opportunities to stay connected:

  • Most teachers maintain a website, find out when new information is posted

  • As homework support, many teachers post explanatory videos on YouTube

  • Share with your children's teachers the best way to stay in touch, whether phone calls, a communication notebook, or via e-mail, knowing how to stay connected will help maintain the lines of communication

  • Find out if your children's school has an online grade book to monitor their academic progress

  • Ask the teachers if they allow parent volunteers, helping out at school is a great way to stay connected

  • Most important, talk about school with your kids, read all of the materials sent home by their school, and share your own school experiences with your kids. Learning is a constant experience and keeping it at the forefront of your family's communication demonstrates its importance

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