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  • Pepi M. Silverman

The Value Of Teacher Feedback As A Resource For Student Improvement

Student achievement is measured in a variety of ways, but both parents and students rely heavily on grades to inform them on how things are going at school. Grading is a "summative" measure that is determined at the end of a grading period, when it is often too late to affect changes to the student's performance. In order to work more collaboratively with your students and their teachers, developing an ongoing communication process will allow parents the opportunity to intervene earlier in the process.

Solicit teacher feedback on an ongoing basis with the following strategies:

  • Set up a communication schedule to receive feedback on an ongoing basis

  • Utilize a communication notebook that can be utilized by both parents and teachers to keep the lines of communication open throughout the year

  • Share with your child's teacher the format of communication that works best for you. By knowing the "best" way to share information, teachers will communicate with greater frequency

  • If your child has a 504 Plan or IEP, the communication process can be formally written in their plans. When included in their educational plans, the team is obligated to follow the established plan

  • If appropriate, include your child in the communication process, when they are participating, their investment in the educational services is enhanced

  • Don't be shy, it is important to tell the teacher what you need to partner with them and with that knowledge, more effective partnerships can be achieved.

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