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  • Pepi M. Silverman

Listen to your internal voice

Educators have research and data that helps to guide their professional recommendations, but parents have a quiet little “voice”. That voice speaks to us to identify concerns, to confirm our intuition, and to protest when we know something is wrong.

Our youngest daughter was identified at birth with multiple disabilities. Physicians told us that she would never be able to dress herself, manage her self-care, or engage in typical childhood experiences, but our little voices knew that her internal strength could accomplish more. We listened to that voice, found early intervention services, therapeutic resources, and sound educational supports to give her every opportunity to be successful.

Our belief in her internal strength and the assistance that we procured allowed her abilities to shine through. Parents know their children and our little voices help to guide us in advocating for our children. Don’t hesitate to hear and follow that "voice" to speak out for the needs of your children.

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